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What’s the best way to measure unemployment?

April 22, 2014 BY: Mark Thoma TOPICS: Workers & Economic Inequality

At CBS News, TCF fellow Mark Thoma pens a piece about the best ways to measure unemployment when the Bureau of Labor isn't as accurate. 


The Bureau of Labor statistics publishes several measures of unemployment each month. But which one provides the most accurate view?

The most commonly cited measure, known as "U-3," tracks the percentage of people who are actively seeking work. To be considered unemployed according to the U-3 definition, an individual must have looked for a job within the last four weeks.

However, this measure may miss three important factors.

Read the full article here.

Tags: workers, unemployment, labor force, jobs growth, inequality, discouraged workers

The Budget Plan You’ve Never Heard Of

April 22, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Zachary Bernstein TOPICS: Workers & Economic Inequality, Economic Policy

Cherry blossoms, baseball's Opening Day, allergy attacks, and...budget proposals? Blogger Zachary Bernstein analyzes three different budget plans, one of which makes a case for progressivism.

Tags: progressivism, president obama, paul ryan, nobel peace prize, medicaid, food stamps, deficit, budget, affordable care act

Jeff Madrick on Thomas Piketty

April 21, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Jeff Madrick TOPICS: Workers & Economic Inequality, Economic Policy

TCF's newest fellow, Jeff Madrick, tackles the oft-discussed Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty at His piece, titled "An Indictment of the Invisible Hand," points out the disconnect between economists' praise of Piketty's recent tome and action on inequality today.

Tags: thomas piketty, jeff madrick, economics, economic policy, economic inequality, capital in the twenty-first century, bill moyers

The Number of Americans Living in High-Poverty Neighborhoods Is Still on the Rise

April 16, 2014 BY: Paul Jargowsky TOPICS: Workers & Economic Inequality

TCF fellow Paul Jargowsky's latest research on concentrated poverty gets a write-up in Atlantic Cities.


What does that look like in hard numbers? As the Century Foundation's Paul Jargowsky puts it, "just over 4,000 neighborhoods (5.6 percent of all U.S. census tracts) now exceed the 40 percent poverty threshold, up from 3,800 since the last ACS data was released in 2011."

Read the full article here.

Tags: poverty, paul jargowsky, high-poverty neighborhoods, concentrated poverty, census data, atlantic cities

What You Need to Know About the Comcast-Time Warner Merger

April 16, 2014 COMMENTARY BY: Zachary Bernstein TOPICS: Workers & Economic Inequality

Weeks after it was handed down, the Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC continues to reverberate through the political world. Blogger Zachary Bernstein writes about the ruling's effect on the recent merger between media giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Tags: time warner, supreme court, merger, mccutcheon v. fec, john roberts, deregulation, comcast, citizens united, campaign finance

Don’t think you can fool the IRS

PoliticoPro cites TCF fellow Edward Kleinbard in a recent story on the ongoing IRS "scandal" over audit rates.


“What’s happening over the years is that the IRS has relied more on systems and less on traditional audits so the audit effort can be focused on places where there are real issues,” said Edward Kleinbard, a professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law and former chief of staff at the Joint Committee on Taxation. “The IRS has been significantly underfunded relative to the number of burdens placed on it.”

Read more here.

Tags: tax system, tax reform, tax policy, irs audits, irs, edward kleinbard, economic policy


Workers & Economic Inequality

Workers & Economic Inequality

In recent decades, and especially since 2000, the richest Americans have enjoyed soaring income and wealth while the rest of the population's living standards have stagnated. The Century Foundation was one of the first institutions to raise serious concerns about these trends and propose ideas for improving economic conditions for all Americans- not just the fortunate few.

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