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The Supreme Court Has Created an Impossible Standard for Unions to Meet

TCF fellow Moshe Marvit published a new piece at New Republic discussing the recent Harris v. Quinn case.


The Supreme Court on Monday issued a wide-ranging opinion that will heavily impact the future of labor in America. The majority opinion in Harris v. Quinn held that home healthcare workers in Illinois and every other state that has a similar program are only “partial” or “quasi” public employees—as opposed to “full-fledged public employees”—and thus don't have to pay fees for labor representation. While the majority, led by Justice Samuel Alito, did not go so far as to fully gut the ability of public sector unions to finance their existence, the decision in the case was by no means a moderate one. Harris v. Quinn has set the stage for the eventual overruling of Abood; it has confused and perverted the concept of free-riders; and it has created an impossible standard for unions to meet.

Read more here.

Tags: unions, moshe marvit, labor, harris v quinn

The Supreme Court Would Prefer People With Disabilities Receive Care from Disgruntled Workers

TCF fellow Harold Pollack published a recent piece at New Republic dicussing the Harris v. Quinn case.


By a 5-4 decision, the usual conservative Supreme Court majority today struck a blow against public-sector unions by ruling for the petitioners in a case called Harris v. Quinn. Most of the press coverage focuses on the worrisome implications for collective bargaining. I have little to add in that conversation, significant as it surely is. But I am sorry to see this decision for some more specific reasons, as well.

Read more here.

Tags: unions, public-sector unions, harris v quinn, harold pollack

Jocks and Nerds of the World, Unite!

TCF fellow Amy Dean published a new article at Al Jazeera America dicussing the labor movement on university campuses.


The long-established schoolyard ethnography of “The Breakfast Club” tell us that jocks and nerds are supposed to have little in common. But on the university campus, these two disparate groups have found a vital shared interest: unionization. Grad students and college athletes are now challenging the norms and regulations that keep them underpaid and overburdened. In April scholarship football players at Northwestern University voted to form a union. Although the results of their drive are still being decided by the National Labor Relations Board in a process that is likely to take months to resolve, their push for unionization could set a precedent for Division I athletes at private institutions across the country.

Read the article here.

Tags: unionization, labor, athletes unionization, amy dean

Did Bob Corker Taint the UAW’s Volkswagen Union Election? And If So, Will He Get Away With It?

Huffington Post's Dave Jamieson cites TCF fellow Moshe Marvit in an article on the UAW's recent loss at the Chattanooga, TN Volkswagen plant. Read the full article.

Tags: volkswagen, unions, union election, union, uaw, moshe marvit, labor unions, labor organizing, labor law, chattanooga

What Are the UAW’s Legal Options After the Volkswagen Defeat?

TCF fellow Moshe Marvit takes an in-depth look at possible next steps for the United Auto Workers after it's close loss in an election to represent Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Read the full piece at In These Times.

Tags: unions, union vote, union organizing, uaw, labor unions, labor organizing, labor law, chattanooga

Want to Realize the Civil Rights Act’s Dream? Apply it to Union Rights, Too.

TCF senior fellow Richard Kahlenberg and fellow Moshe Marvit argue that the best way to respect the legacy of the Civil Rights Act on its 50th anniversary is to add union rights to it. Read the full artcle at The New Republic.

Tags: union rights, union organizing, richard kahlenberg, new republic, moshe marvit, labor organizing, civil rights act, civil rights


Workers & Economic Inequality

Workers & Economic Inequality

In recent decades, and especially since 2000, the richest Americans have enjoyed soaring income and wealth while the rest of the population's living standards have stagnated. The Century Foundation was one of the first institutions to raise serious concerns about these trends and propose ideas for improving economic conditions for all Americans- not just the fortunate few.

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